Not Able To Login on Replit Desktop App

I have downloaded and installed the replit application on my windows computer. When I open it, it asks me to login. It then takes me back to replit’s home page then does nothing.

I have done this now 8 times with the same result. How can I get the desktop application to actually work?


I added this originally to help as I thought it might have been me doing something wrong. I see now there is a thread regarding this in Bugs. I have it linked below. The only difference is I am on a Windows, using Edge, and not using a gmail login, I am just using a regular login with email.

The work around that was shared in the other thread is to just use the built-in application through your browser. I had already done this while waiting for an answer. I just wanted to share it here.

Hey @ScottDaWebGuy,

Thanks so much for the report and sorry you’re running into issues. We have since fixed a bug on our side that was causing this so it should be working now. See: Not able to log in to desktop app via Gmail - #37 by MadisonFitch

Please let me know if it works for you now or if you’re still running into this.


I must say it is a relief to finally find a forums with both active members, developers, and staff. That are quick to respond and are helpful.

I was able to successfully log in.



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