Not able to disable AI code completion in mobile app

Problem description

When I am writing code the ai generate code automatically, there is no option to turn off the ai code generation in replit mobile app.

Expected behavior

There will be option to turn off the ai code generation on the app.

Actual behavior

There should be a ai code generation turn off option

Steps to reproduce

Go to the app and add a option to turn off the ai code generation





Device if mobile



Free tier

Hey @ManishKumawat6 welcome to the forums!

Is there a button that looks like this in your editor?

It is at the bottom of your coding space. If it does exist that turns of AI Auto Complete.

You can also go to your User Settings. On the left side of your screen go below Files > and go to where it says Tools > there should be an icon that looks like a gear :gear: then scroll down until you see AI Code Completion and tick it off. If you also don’t want hints for your code you can also turn off Code Intelligence. I hope this helps!

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@SalladShooter did you miss that this was on mobile?

For mobile:

  1. Click the 4 squares in the bottom right corner
  2. Click the plus tab
  3. Scroll down and click on “User Settings”
  4. Scroll and disable “AI Code Completion”

No, I was asking if it existed since I never used the mobile app (and I know a lot of stuff from the web version isn’t there).

The file sidebar is there (hidden behind a button), but the settings aren’t at the bottom of it. Also, while there is an AI button, it just opens an AI tab, not the menu to turn off AI Auto complete.

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