Not able to connect voiceflow bot with Slack

**Questions :" Hello i got the following error in Replit while connecting voiceflow chatbot to Slack. Can anyone help me with that :

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    const error = errorWithCode(new Error(`An API error occurred: ${result.error}`), ErrorCode.PlatformError);

Error: An API error occurred: not_authed
    at platformErrorFromResult (/home/runner/voiceflow-test-slackbot/node_modules/@slack/web-api/dist/errors.js:51:33)
    at WebClient.apiCall (/home/runner/voiceflow-test-slackbot/node_modules/@slack/web-api/dist/WebClient.js:167:56) {
  code: 'slack_webapi_platform_error',
  data: { ok: false, error: 'not_authed', response_metadata: {} }

Node.js v18.12.1
repl process died unexpectedly: exit status 1
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