NonNix migration not working

Problem description:
A couple weeks ago in a different thread we found out that education repls in JS were not migrated to nix automatically. I was migrating them manually one by one by adding the ?migrateNonNix=1 parameter to URL. Because I have a huge collection of assignements, it took some time. This way of migration, however, stopped working now

Expected behavior:
Adding ?migrateNonNix=1 to URL of a repl should migrate it to nix

Actual behavior:
Adding ?migrateNonNix=1 to URL does nothing

Steps to reproduce:
Add ?migrateNonNix=1 to URL, eg.

Bug appears at this link:



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Hi! I’m Colton, the engineer at Replit working on the Nix migrations. Last week, a user reached out and informed us that Nix migrations were causing issues during a Hackathon. In order to ensure users’ data doesn’t get lost, I had to disable Nix migrations for everybody while I investigate the issue more. You should expect Nix migrations to be re-enabled soon! I can ping you here when this happens if you’d like - automatic migrations will be rolling out to all users over the next couple weeks :slight_smile:

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Nix migrations have been re-enabled, your ?migrateNonNix=1 query parameter will now work @JanKoupil1! Please be sure to report any issues or bugs if you find them :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ll check it right tommorrow.