Node.js Telegram Bot error: multiple instances running -false

Hey all! My code for weather telegram bot SkyScribe is not working, it keeps saying “multiple instances are running” after I implemented polling. it’s a brand new telegram API key and only pressed play in one browser. I pressed stop and forced stop it within the code and it still kept saying multiple instances running. I need help pls…

Link to replit:

Try to check if there are any instances running through the shell.
Use the ps command and if you see any node processes running, you can kill them using the kill command.

I checked your code and saw nothing wrong with it tbh.


This is not working for the last week I keep making brand new api keys no one else is running it I am only running it on the 1 safari tab no other tabs are logged into replit, I covered everything I hard coded a kill switch into the code & sent a command “/stop” on telegram & didn’t run it again for a week. When I tried yesterday in only 1 tab I get this same exact error no matter what. I do not use terminal on my computer for anything. I just please need help someone fork it or something?! Pleaseeee

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I’m pretty sure a member of staff said a few days ago that telegram bots did not work on Replit.

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They do work on Replit. It stopped working when I added polling or a new function. It works with my previous code that has /Current weather in location and all the other functions. Not only that, the CEO of Replit replied to my tweet today and told me to do “kill 1” command here:

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amasad? nice
Try forking the repl and deleting the old one

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@elysenova777 did you find a fix?