Node JS repl doesn't have Test Tool

How do I use the Test Tool?

I’ve created a Node.js repl, and have got it running Jest tests from command line, but I’d like to be able to run individual tests and/or debug those tests, and it looks like the Test Tool is what I’m looking for.

I created this using a the Node JS template.

Repl link:

If you look in the Tool Menu, there’s no Test Action available.

[edit] I did an Open Pane and searched there, but nothing.

if you do not see a Unit Tests tool in Tools (I think it is disabled by default), then do this:
Near files, click three dots, then click Show hidden files. Then, open the .replit file and insert this near the bottom:

language = "nodejs"

Now, the Unit Tests tool should appear.

For more info on how to use this tool, see:


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