Node JS memory leaking

Hi there, I recently found what I think is either a Replit bug, or a Node JS bug.
When I was working on a Express server using Node JS and HTML, I noticed that Replit (the code editor tab) was using 3.5GB of memory. Not too much later, the tab crashed due to something about memory overload. (I can’t remember the exact error message)
I had been restarting the Express server quite often, as I have a habit of testing things every few seconds; which makes me think that there were multiple other servers still running in the background.
I had also been working on that tab for quite a few hours, so it’s not exactly very easy to get to the point I was at.

Browser: Microsoft Edge
OS: Windows 11

Hello @Xamrey , welcome to the community :smile: .
Could you please provide a link to you repl?