No web browser found: could not locate runnable browser

I am trying to run a notebook (Repl was created via “Jupyter Notebook” template).

I follow the following Instructions. Problem started from the Step #5, as I could not find “webview” tool. I try by reopening/ refresh but could not find the “webview” tool.


  1. In the shell run ./
  2. Enter password for your Jupyter notebook.
  3. Copy enecrypted password to a Replit Secret with the name NOTEBOOK_PASSWORD
  4. Run the repl
  5. Open the webview in a new tab (you cannot log in via the webview in the workspace)
  6. Log in with the password you entered in step 2

How can I run Jupyter notebook on Replit? Where is webview tool?

Thanks in advanced!


Hey @pyboys, thank you for your post and welcome to the community!

There are quite problems with Jupyter Notebook, if you wait a little bit of time, more people that know about this will hop on the Topic to help!

Create a new tab and search for web view

Note: the web view will only appear after you run it, so, if you skipped or did step 4 wrong, it will not be available.

If you still have issues a link to your repl would be helpful

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Thanks for your support. It is working now and web view also appeared. Need to open the webview in a new browser tab via clicking on the icon (Open in a new tab). I created a diagram of the steps those I followed.


In diagram, #7 - Just enter password to Log In