No static deployments?

i’m trying to deploy a repl:

but i cannot find the deployment tab or button that the docs say to use
are static deployments not free anymore?

You need to go to the tabs where the console and output are. Pressing the plus symbol, and deployments should be on the list. Also, last time I checked, static deployments are still free, but require a credit card linked to use.

okay thanks
i have a card linked

it doesnt appear

When I fork, I see a Deploy button in the top-right corner. Do you see that?

this is what i see

Could you try forking the Repl?

Make sure you are an explorer on Replit.

If you are using teams, try forking it and deploying it on your main.

If you are invited to the Repl, you can’t deploy it.

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What? How would this help? Deployments aren’t explorer-only.

Yeah, this is the problem. You still can’t deploy on teams.

I am an explorer and deployments worked for me, so I though perhaps this would help.

I was just providing quick fixes; the OP may want to post this under Feature Requests.

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Now I have new problem:


Whenever I try to visit it just shows this and I can’t access the site.

You should be able to override that using the Advanced button.

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