No paste context in UI

Problem description:
no paste in right click context window

Expected behavior:
a dang paste option

Actual behavior:
no paste option

Steps to reproduce:
rt click over code with text in the paste buffer

Bug appears at this link:



Nice catch! Hopefully the Replit team can get onto this and add a paste option. You could alternatively use cmd + V (I’m pretty sure you’re using Mac, otherwise CTRL + V).


yup cmd + V works its just suuper annoying when one is used to a certain workflow and I keep right clicking wanting to paste.

Hopefully they will fix it soon

This was brought up before with the team, but browser permissions and limitations prevent us from adding paste as an option.

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so you are saying its a browser issue? I have contact with one of the firefox dev team members, I could turbo this issue if you can give me a detailed description of what is getting messed.

Yes, the team has clarified that Firefox doesn’t support this feature, which is why we haven’t added this functionality to the workspace.


I use replit on mobile and i don’t have the paste options in browser and mobile app

And i can’t select multiple words using that selector in browser


This one any fix? Same in browser and replit app

what about adding a control-V option to the app? it’s hard to work in the mobile when i can’t copy or paste

If you press and hold where your cursor is, isn’t there an option to paste? If not, which brand and model is the mobile device that you’re using Replit on?

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