No Output Tool Option

There is no Output tool option for me. I tried to open a new tab for Output but when I searched for it it wasn’t there. Typically there is an Output option.

Hi @NatalieVitkousk , welcome to the forums! The Output tab depends on what type of code you are running. Could you send a screenshot of your code?

Here is a screenshot, it is an assignment for school.

Does the repl need the Output? Or only the Console?

The repl needs an output

You mean where the images have to be displayed? When the program runs, it should appear when the code reaches that line.

Yea, where the images have to be displayed. Nothing appears.

@NatalieVitkousk I know why it doesn’t work. You have not uploaded any image file into the repl, so there is no image to show.

Sorry, that screenshot was from when I made a new Replit because I was trying different things to see if it would come up. I ran it with the image file before and it didn’t work.