No Output showing up

Problem description

im using the turtle Screen module and when i set up the screen its not showing up on the output window when i set up the code and press run.

from turtle import Screen,Turtle

tim= Turtle()

screen = Screen()
screen.setup(width=600, height=600)
screen.title("Cross The Road")


the output option isnt even available to select. its only not working for my new replits.
i have previous 2 projects that come up with the output as usual when I run the code

Expected behavior

when i set up my screen from the turte module im expecting to have an output window when i run the code and only able to exit on click

Actual behavior

there is no output option when i run my code

Steps to reproduce

im not sure if its just me specific problem





Device if mobile



free trier

Hi @prosicnatalija9 , welcome to the forums!
Are you running this in the file?
Or is there another error you get?

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No guarantee that it’ll actually work when it does pop up, but I noticed that if I used kill 1 in the shell before or after clicking the stop button, it does at least bring up the output window for me everytime.

First run on a fresh repl it brings up the output, if I then close the output every run after that it doesn’t pop back up, I can manually re-open it though. But I tried opening it by just clicking run 6 times without it working. (this might be expected behavior though?)

If I enter kill 1 while it’s still running or after it has already been stopped, the output will consistently appear either immediately or on the next run.

This post may be semi-related ?


hu @NateDhaliwalyes I am running the cod in the

in the new projects i am creating and the old ones I have

Hi @vvithershins

Thank you for the detailed solution I will try the solution and see if it works. I have tried the KILL 1 command previously without luck someone was having similar issues on another thread it didn’t work for me but I will try again.

The topic you posted further seem to be exactly what I’m experiencing as well so it might be a an issue with the server if other people are also having same issues or just a bug.

You’re welcome. I forgot to mention that with some other users we found another solution which was just to use a Python (with Turtle) template instead of just a normal python one.

This should reliably bring up the output window.

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amazing ill try this now hope it works.
I’m very limited with time to practice and learn and this issues is making me unable to follow the training material as we are heavily using the turtle module at the moment.

Appreciate your help so much :slight_smile:

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@vvithershins the python with turlte module has the output window for me now. thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hope they resolve the issues on the normal python for the output.

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