No Option To Change Profile Pic On Replit

I went to change my default profile pic but there is no option to add or update. Just wanted to notify about Bug.

This is a bug. I do remember that we were able to change them in the past.

Hi. Seems to be working for me. Just tested in mobile. Let me know if this is still an issue!

No its not working.

It’s about IDE.

We can change pic here on education forums-this is working not a problem.

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We’re seeing it too, seems to be related to the changes in the new style profile pages for teachers and students. The team are on it!

Bug has been fixed I am now able to change Profile Pic :slightly_smiling_face:.

Replit team is excellent at responding to community & resolving queries asap :sunglasses::ok_hand:.

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Great news - apologies I misunderstood in the first instance! Glad it is now fixed!


You should mark as resolved, not to nag you, I was just reminding.

Issue has been solved