No "Open Tab" button

My script is working as expected, but I got to a point where I get a page stating URL not found, which is what I expected. Thing is I should be able to copy such page url to use it in Manychat.
No way to do that.
I’ve got several emails, all useless, no solution whatsoever.
If you expect me to pay to get anything, you are out of luck, I’m not going to pay anything until this thing works.
VERY FRUSTRATING experience with you.

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Can you send a screenshot of the issue?

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The error/bug is that there is no way to click on a button to get the url.
It does not matter the message, I just need the page opening in another tab to grab de url
Thank you.

What do you mean? There is a button:



That thing generates a useless link (I tested it)
Let’s leave this like this, I decided to stop using it.
Thank you

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It’s a link for development…

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I’m sorry PabloFalco I’m struggling to see the issue being the software/websites problem to me it just looks like a human error that is actually a very common mistake

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