No matter what I do, Nodejs + Express or similar web view does not work. Tried tons of times, multiple replits, they are all broken

I tried using nodejs, with express to create a simple website. No matter what I try, the web server does not work. Everything looks fine, I tested several pre made configurations available when i start a new replit, yet they all fail the same. There is simply no way I can create an express.js basic test server. Something is broken.

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Hello @stebansaa, welcome to the community!

Could you please provide a link to the repl?


This could be an issue with your browser, or if you are using the mobile version, the operating system/mobile app. I personally have made many NodeJS + Express web pages before and it has always worked perfectly in the past. As SharkCoding said, a link to the Repl would help.

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So to test whether it is your browser or not, does work for you? It uses NodeJS. So (somebody smarter than me correct me if I’m wrong) it shouldn’t work for you if it’s a browser issue.

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