No matching service worker detected

Question: So I was trying to make a PWA for my website when I checked the “Application” tab in Chrome DevTools, it showed me No matching service worker detected. You may need to reload the page, or checked that the scope of the service worker for the current page encloses the scope and start URL from the manifest.. So, what what does it mean and how to fix it?

Repl link:

	"name": "Uranus",
	"short_name": "Uranus",
	"icons": [
			"src": "manifest.png",
			"type": "image/png",
			"sizes": "144x144"
	"theme_color": "#afffff",
	"display": "standalone",
	"scope": ".",
	"start_url": "/"

I’ve not built anything like this before but a quick google for the first part of the error message suggests this is a possibility:

Hope it helps!