No JVM shared library file

In my python replit, I’m using tabula to convert a pdf to csv. Tabula needs json to work or something, I’m not exactly sure. But when I run the code, this pops up:

“ No JVM shared library file (jvm.dll) found. Try setting up the JAVA_HOME environment variable properly.”

How do I fix this error in replit?

Looks like tabula requires Java to be installed, which of course it isn’t by default in python repls. You could maybe try to install Java (note that repls use nix).

I’d recommend just using a different library, such as Camelot maybe, if possible.

I revisited this topic and realize that maybe something will work:
Click three dots and click “Show hidden files”, then open replit.nix file. In it, there is a deps list. Add pkgs.python310Packages.tabula-py to it and then see if tabula works.