No 'curriculum' option under my 'teams' folder in my menu tree

I am a new user (teacher) and I just watcged the “Replit Teams for Education Basics: Let’s get started” but I seem to be missing the ‘curriculum’ folder beneath the ‘Teams’ icon that David has! Have uploaded screenshots of both.

Hey @FIONARABONE, welcome to the forums!

I’ve only gone 30 minutes into the stream replay, but David doesn’t seem to click the Curriculum button.

But anyway, have you verified your account as a teacher?

Thanks, I think that I have verified as a teacher (may be a few months ag0) - I am new to this but keen to understand how to use this tool effectively! How can I check this?

David talks about the curriculum button at about 43:17 and thats when I noticed it was not present!

Maybe go to

Could be an old feature that was removed. I’ve just pinged David, so hopefully he can help!


When I go to [ ] it lands me is an area called Education. I think this means I am a verified teacher (so that’s good).

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We’ve moved it into the Teams page!


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