No "Always On" mode in the info bar

Question: I paid the subscription but there is no “Always On” mode on my info bar of the Repls. How is it possible?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears: Every repls in my account

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

Schermata 2023-10-01 alle 12.20.34

Moreover I read old threads about this topic and looks like the “Always On” mode isn’t really always on. I also read about a potential solution in the new section “deployments” if I understood well. So I would like to have a clear answer to my situation: I need that my bots are online 24/7 without the needing to restart them or remembering to check if they are online or not. Is that possible on Replit? If yes, how can I do that once that the “always on” mode seems to not have this goal?
Thank you

Hi @RicascoLTD !
You will need to use Deployments instead of Always-On as it is getting replaced with Deployments.
Hope this helps!
Deployments are also 24/7, and I recommend using them!


yes, surely helped me! Can you suggest me any guide on Deployments?

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