[NIX] Update package that wont update

Hello, im working on a private repo, and i need to update deno to 1.28.0, but replit wont let me.

i have looked to see if replit uses a proxy, so i could remove it. but if replit does use a proxy, i cant find it.

deno is currently version 1.22.0. the nixpkgs version is 1.28.0. but replit does not have an up to date nix install, and not up to date nixpkgs cashe

To update the nix package you should click on three buttons => Show hidden files => Scroll down to replit.nix and update that file!

i did…, i do that all the time

this is why nix is annoying

~/PRIVATE$ deno upgrade
error: You do not have write permission to “/nix/store/mr3w6skkjm5433crqb1nf9iw86wxvfch-deno-1.22.0/bin/deno”

I want to update Deno to 1.28.0, and thats the newest on nixpkgs.

Hi @ShowierData9978 thanks for your question.

This sounds like an issue you need to raise with Replit Support rather than the community. Please click on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and select Contact support.