Nix or bash problem

How to eliminate the bash and/or nix error that prevents me from getting output even from print(“hello”) if I do it in the console? I think I might have a file issue.

However, the print command gives the output if I write the code in the file itself. Still the nix-line turns up.

I get the following line in the beginning in console:

/nix/store/zqk3m21442kvpjwd3rh41wdavqkzkyik-python3-wrapper/bin/python3 $file

Previously I tried adding code in the .replit config file to clear it, but it didn’t prevent getting the bash -error, and once I created a new file the nix-error came back.

The bash-error is:

bash: syntax error near unexpected token "hello"'

I am a beginner coder & beginner to replit.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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Welcome to Ask! Replit is aware of this and is looking into it.