Nix has to update on all projects - teams for education

Is there a quick way to not have to wait for the nix update on every repl? This is very time consuming when trying to grade. I will go into every template that wasn’t published and update those, but this is very time consuming.


Thanks @BethStoudt and sorry this is currently impacting your marking.

Unfortunately I think there is no option to turn off Nix updates but will check.

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I have 3 different teams with many units and projects that I will need to now open before I use them again for next school year. I was hoping there is a way to blanket update a team versus opening each project individually. All of us that created older templates before the update will be in this position.

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Hi @BethStoudt could you please send me a DM with the Team for Edu name and I’ll see what we can do to blanket update these!

Same here - I’m setting up for September by importing my previous projects, and it’s taking forever to open each one for Nix to set up.

Additional wrinkle: All my files need to be dragged to the lesson area, and manually renamed to actually work (ie render the markdown) and be visible to students.