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Question: so this isn’t my code but a friend sent me this and I keep getting nix errors idk how to fix it I’m pretty new to this app

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code snippet

Hi @AlexisMeza3 , welcome to the forums!
There are 2 things:

  1. This says it is a phishing site. Is it malicious or hacking in any way?
  2. There is a ‘Not found’ error when the program runs. This is because the base file, index.html is not in the main directory. You’ll need to move it out of any folder to run the website.
    Additionally, what Shell command are you using that creates the error?

To be honestly I don’t know I know it’s a hacking website but the person I got it from said use it wisely and only to be used for educational purposes the person never told me how to set it up or do anything if I’ma be honest

Nix Environment Configuration Issue on Replit

Hello there,

Solution: After careful examination and testing, it turned out that the issue was rooted in the Nix expression you had defined for the project. I made the following adjustments to your Nix configuration:

{ pkgs }: {
  buildInputs = [

I’ve removed duplicate dependencies and ensured that the syntax aligns with Nix conventions. These changes resolved the error you encountered during the build process.

Additional Tips: For those encountering similar issues, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Review your Nix expressions carefully for correctness and redundancy.
  • Verify the compatibility of dependency versions.
  • Double-check that all necessary dependencies are accessible.
  • Pay attention to environment variables and their settings.

I hope this helps break down the root of your problem after I’ve reviewed your project files. Enjoy!

Should this fix my issue?

Please be sure to give this a try before we proceed.

I still get nix error fyi I didn’t create this I was give this and I just imported it

Please send the full console output via raw text.