Nix error in python replit -- How to fix it

 /nix/store/zqk3m21442kvpjwd3rh41wdavqkzkyik-python3-wrapper/bin/python3 $file

here is the replit link

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This is not an error, just the command used to run your Python file. You can safely ignore it. If you want, you can clear it in your code:


:wave: Welcome to the community, @yymasud!

/nix/store/zqk3m21442kvpjwd3rh41wdavqkzkyik-python3-wrapper/bin/python3 $file

The reason this message is showing up is due to a few new updates on Replit and is completely normal. If you would like to remove it, go to your .replit file and put the following code on line 1: run = "clear && python3".

If this, is a tad bit too complex, feel free to invite me to your repl so I can do it for you!

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