Nimble can't install packages

Problem description:
after installing nim 1.6.8, nimble is unable to install packages.

Expected behavior:
installation should go fine.
In my physical device it’s working fine with nim 1.6.8.

Actual behavior:
stuck at : “Downloading … using git”

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a blank repo
  2. run
nimble install jester
  1. press enter
  2. y to any prompt

Browser: Brave
OS: fedora

I’ve even tried on nim 1.6.12, but still stuck at “Downloading … using git”

why are you using this? Just use the nim template. If needed, see its replit.nix to see how it’s configured and put that in your repl (edit replit.nix on your repl by clicking ⋮ > Show hidden files in the sidebar in the workspace)


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