NIM support lacking

Looks like there is no autocomplete or autoformat available for NIM.
Is that right or did i mess up the repl creation?


No, the code mirror config replit gives for Nim is broken. It adds indents in random places. You can probably configure a langserver for replit tho, if you want, I can try to configure my template to have one. Oh and there is straight up no good autoformat for nim, even outside of replit.


Yeah it’s pretty bad for c++ too, like it doesn’t do this for js (but for some reason codemirror devs don’t know how to do a copy paste ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Basically, if you go and put a close } instead of auto-indenting it to the proper level, it auto-indents it to like 2 indents higher it’s sooo annoying argghh

EDIT: you know what else is annoying, they took out the indenting using ctrl ]/[ so now it just does this if I try indent a line: ...four spaces instead of indenting it


Damn. Nit a big issue, but autoformating is a neat thing I always loved in my ide and especially now that ima thinking it do some NIM fun
Autocompletion is can live without,

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