NIM error (not sure this is a bug)

Trying to use nimdata and looks like the repl template lacks some libraries and (of course) cannot sudo install them.

the error i see is:

could not load:

Am i doing something wrong or i reached the point of better skip replit for NIM or abandon NIM?

No, just add it in replit.nix and find the package Don’t abandon Nim or replit!

Also, you should not expect the template to have all the libs for all the packages. This package that you use is not even in stdlib. (Although the official Nim template does not even support all of stdlib)


I am not leaving replit (well depends as i am really annoyed about pro having only a 4x boost).
NIM i am not so sure … I will try, but i am also having all sort of issues with ScyNi and other dataframe options that i might move to rust (hoping it is supported better).

BTW I am using the official NIM template, is there a better way?

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Do you mean SciNim, and what kind of issues?

Not to toot my own horn, but there is my template too (choosenim), which is on the latest version of Nim (1.6.12 instead of 1.4.8) and has the libraries already installed to get httpclient to work. If versioning is causing you error, this should help.


Will try with that template and yes i meant SciNim … i kind of mixed the names there.
Problems start from scoping of the read command to failing to properly read a CSV file or print it.
I tries other libraries leading to missing libs … I could always go raw (make my little CSV utils), but that is not key to what i am building (just playing here) and is boring to do :slight_smile:

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Are there errors or something? Could you post those?

I would but i have played around with several libraries (and moved on form one to another deleting the code). I am now restating with a play repl based on your templates to look at CSV and if it works I will move the code there.
If it does not … i will ask here again :slight_smile:

I am actually using NIM for this (slow moving) free-time project currently being done in python … just to learn about NIM

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Wait, are you using nimpy or are you Re-writing it?

re-writing … what woud be the fun otherwise !?
Plus the pythin version is not complete. And will probably never be as my kids will never be happy even once i put players stats, transfer and so on …

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The solution was using your template. Datamancer works well there.
So I will migrate to a new repl and keep playing with NIM.
If only I could have two repl ont ne same git … but nope. Just like creating a repl with the same name of a deleted one crashes the platform, pity.

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