Nicknames when viewing team members

I have set up nicknames on an Edu account and they show nicely when I click on the ‘Manage Team Members’ button.

The problem is that that screen only allows changing of nickname/role of the account and not to click through to see activity/Repls. If I use the avatars/+# (+19) in the screen shot below, I get a list showing the randomized, anonymous usernames making the nickname pretty much useless.



Also, when you click on a team member the nickname isn’t shown on the account page either:

Am I missing something/doing something wrong? I would have thought the nickname should filter through to these parts of Replit

(sorry - had to split up because only allowed one image per post as a New Member)

Hi @bpj sorry for the length of time it has taken for me to get back to you about this.

Can you please report this as a bug to Replit Support? To do so please click on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and select Report a Bug.

There is a video recording option which should allow you to show the support team what happens and what you are expecting to happen.

They will have the access necessary to look at your team and provide the necessary answers!

Thanks Ian,
I’ve submitted a bug report with video