Ngrok error in console or bash


Like this?

C:\Users\WINDOWSUSERNAME\Downloads\ngrok-v3-stable-windows-amd64\ngrok.exe is the path.


You forgot the \ after Users and after everything else too.


Run ngrok.exe instead of trying ngrok

Thats what I did:

It gave it back to me incorrectly

wdym? Like double click on the .exe for it?

No, replace ./ngrok with ./ngrok.exe followed by the rest of the command.


OHHH WAIT NVM I see what ur saying

it still doesnt work :sob:

Oops, let me give you the native equivalent. You might not need it though since you seem to have the correct file.

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btw while u are searching i just wanna say tysm bcuz i have absolutely no idea what i am doing so u are a huge help!

what exactly do you mean? maybe i could help search for it?

what comes up when you run arch in git bash? If you’re on ARM architecture on windows 10 you’ll need to either upgrade to windows 11 or use the 32-bit version of ngrok. Also maybe try installing by

winget install ngrok

which would also allow it to update when you do winget upgrade --all or just winget upgrade ngrok

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@youngchief any updates?

chmod isn’t a thing on Windows

So sorry, I forgot to reply! I got sidetracked by something. The command is icacls C:\Users\Jacob\Downloads\ngrok-v3-stable-windows-amd64\ngrok.exe /grant Users:Jacob!


Windows should let them execute their own binaries by default