Ngrok error in console or bash

So I am trying to use ngrok and I keep getting this error when I do ./ngrok authtoken 2OCRzmTlUzmgbXlB5gqf5FgGcTR_72of8A4JyojNpB5z5H3iv:

bash: ./ngrok: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Does anyone know how to fix this?

What environment? Also, did you just leak your ngrok token?

Yeah lol. Idrc if anyone sees it. Wdym by what env?

I am pretty sure you need to do this: ngrok config add-authtoken <your token>.

the cmd that i was given was directly from their website :confused:

Please download the ngrok program that matches your operating system to run.

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I did that already -_-

Run chmod +x ./ngrok then run the command. Hope this helps!

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why are you guys so smart ;-;

It also seems you downloaded the wrong binary. Did you get x64?

yup! Thats what everyone was saying on stack overflow and reddit is that the person downloaded the wrong version but i am positive i have the correct version

What was the download link you used?

the one on the website. i dont feel like pulling it up again lol

but i literally re installed it just to make sure

where do I run this?

Are you trying to run it on Replit or your Windows computer?

I am using git bash on my windows computer

I figured out how to get to it yesterday but now I forget :frowning:

You run cd folderPath until you get to where ngrok is. Then make sure you run chmod on the file to make it execute. Then run the ngrok commands. Looks like you have the wrong binary though so triple-check it’s the right one. I know for a fact you got the wrong one.

how do i figure out where the folder path is :sob: