Nextjs Deployment Fails on Promote Stage

what else should I try when troubleshooting a failure on the promote stage?

  • works when using npm run dev and npm run start.
  • tried deleting the .next folder.
  • tried updating the dependencies in package.json.
  • tried on both autoscale and reserved vm.
  • maybe .replit file needs to be configured for next 14? :thinking:

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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.replit config:

build = ["npm", "install", "&&", "npm", "run", "build"]
run = ["tsx", "index.ts"]
deploymentTarget = "cloudrun"
ignorePorts = false

build as an array just spawns a single process, so that shouldn’t work. How about you prepend npm install&& to the build script and use just npm run build in the build array?

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success :tada:

next.js generates a BUILD_ID during next build to identify which version of your app is being served.

  1. replace npm run build with :white_check_mark: next build
  2. replace tsx index.ts with :white_check_mark: next start

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Appreciate your comment, it gave me an idea that led to the solution. Ty!

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