New website link which is always offline

Why My website not work it offline
My website was online 24/7 one year ago in replit also the website link was easier to remember now the link is longer and harder to remember and the website is always offline

This is a new update. The new link only works while you are in the editor (as it is for testing purposes only). You now need to deploy (which requires a credit card connected) for your website to have a better link which is on

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you have to pay to deploy? Is there another way?

Not necessarily. You just need to connect a credit card.

The amount you have to pay depends on which type of deployment you are going to use.

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But is there a free deployment?

Static deployments are free until you hit your egress/outbound data transfer limit.


Got it, but how does the egress/outbound data transfer gets calculated? Also, can I host a flask app using static deployment?

Not sure, but you can check how much you’ve used at

No, because Flask is a backend framework. You’d have to use Autoscale for that.

If I pay for Replit core will I be able to use auto scale without paying extra?

Yes, unless you use up your monthly compute units (compute units are only used when a request is made to your server; if only a few people are using your website, you should have plenty left over).

Ok, thanks. I will see