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Learn how this forum is structured and where to learn more!


Quick summary of the rules are keep everything SFW be kind to everybody, and don’t advertise. See the full rules.

How the forum is structured

The forum is structured as follows

At the very top, we have the whole forum. Then we have categories such as #code-help. Then below that, we have subcategories such as #code-help:python. Below that we have topics (or threads). And the lowest level is replies also known as posts.

Replies (also known as posts)


Genral User guide
What are badges?
What are trust levels?
Tips on writing a question
How to format your code
What’s the difference between Mod, Admin, and Staff?
How did somebody edit my post?
What is a wiki post?
What should I flag a post as?
Why has my topic been closed/locked?
How to share your code
I want to suggest and make a guide
Replit new user guide
How can I customize my profile?
How can I receive email notifications?
How can I make a good topic in the showcase subcategory?
How do I change my username?


Don’t forget to introduce yourself in #welcome:introductions. We look forward to having all users participate in as many categories as they can!