New user: entered and deleted "test" as org name, and now can't add chosen org name

I triggered the “Organization limit reached” error message — is there some way to reset this?


Hi David @dromano welcome to the community!

You will see that message if you haven’t verified your account. The email address you used to join replit with should have a mail with a link to do this.

If you have verified your account and it doesn’t resolve the issue let me know here and I’ll suggest the next step.

Hi Ian!

I haven’t received any email from replit yet, which is a little confusing given your reply since I was allowed to create an org called test without receiving such email. Any help would be welcome!

Yes you will have been allowed to create an organisation but without verifying your account these messages will appear and the org will expire.

Could you please go to your account settings in Replit and see if there is a message there that asks you to verify? My account is already verified so I can’t remember exactly which screen the message is on.

Hello there as a recent verified organization I can tell you that I received email asking to verify our organization, after sending documents proving that organization does exist and is registered lawfully you get you status as verifyed.

To be precise you may have received email when you created organization check emails after that date also spam if no email then You may ask for verification by sending email regarding the same.

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Hi Ian,

I just checked my account for messages and my email (iincluding spam), too, and I have not yet received any email from replit. But, I also just tried to create a new organization again and no errors messages were triggered; that is, I was allowed to create another new organization.

So, my guess now is that the first attempt to create an organization also set a parameter that prevented my creating further organizations. Then, deleting my first organization within seconds after creating it had no effect on the value of the creation-blocking parameter, so I was unable to try again until the parameter value timed out. (I also must have deleted the organization quickly enough that the verification emails were never initiated.)

In short, my guess is that the creation-blocking parameter was the culprit, in which case it might be good to suggest that it be reset on deletion of the organization so that error-prone folks like me aren’t locked out when they make a mistake like mine. Does replit have a github site where I could make such a suggestion, or should I submit the suggestion another way?


Hi @dromano thanks for your reply. I was just speaking to the Replit team and it would be a good idea to raise an issue with the support team at Loading... - Form by Asana to ensure that your account is verified so the error doesn’t reoccur in future.

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