New update on replit about hosting

After the recent update, it means I can’t have always on on which I have no idea what it is and I don’t think I’m using it. I’m a free user. If I ping the replit server every 5 minutes will it still be up?

Hey @apsw171118!

I believe deployments are always on, they don’t stop unless you go beyond the limit spending and/or resources.

As in I have a project (education team) if I have my app hosted on with (which will become i believe) would it work? If I close the editor and ping the URL every 5 minutes or so? is while in the editor is deployments.

In theory that would work.

No. is while in the editor and is deployments.


As in editor closed with mo deployment

The editor being closed with a deployment, in your case you probably want to use autoscale deploments.

Aren’t all deployments require payment method?
If so I’m not able to use replit anymore.
Would it be different for like education teams?

Static deployments will not require a payment method soon.

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No, it is the same for teams.

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@Firepup650 @SalladShooter @QwertyQwerty88

So to sum up, I cannot host a flask app replit on education team or personlly account after the update without a payment method. Even if I auto ping the url every 5 minutes or so. I can only host static sites which will be relieased soon without payment method?

@apsw171118 Replit removes free hosting in Janurary next year, with the exception of static deployments (that can be replicated far better with CF pages). You can learn more about this on the “The situation we’re in, and the 2024 change” post, or at

If you need something hosted and you’re practically broke, DM me and I’ll hook you up with 100% free hosting.

Pingers will not do anything anymore, by the way.

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Yeah. But I believe you can’t deploy on most teams. Not sure if that will be changed.

I just wanted to clarify that we don’t have plans at this point to remove the cc requirement for static deployments. While it might be something we do in the future, we don’t have any near-term plans to change the requirement.


Did you not specifically state that the credit card requirement would soon be removed?


at the time i believed that to be true. ultimately, we want deployments to be a premium replit feature. most people who host static things on replit they care about didn’t see this as a dealbreaker, as the outbound data transfer costs are very inexpensive (<$1 in most cases).

autoscale is also inexpensive for most use cases.

What about people who don’t have access to credit cards? It becomes inaccessible for them and they can’t share it to others unless who they share it with has an account and forks the project due to new changes for hosting/social features.


have you heard of the cashapp card? it is pretty neat. if you are > 13, you can get a card (you will need parental consent). link here.


@soren Yes, but, not all parents approve of getting a credit card, and this completely defeats Replit’s purpose; to bring the next million coders online. Yes, I have the core plan, and I am not directly affected by these changes, but I don’t want all the other nice people on Replit, all the hardworking volunteers in the community and everyone else out there, who can’t pay to use Replit to be left out on all the joy programming brings people.


Hey RedCoder, we still have a generous free plan that empowers anyone to write and run software for free.

I’m sure you understand, but we’re not able to give away permanent free hosting. Hosting apps is costly – especially at scale.