New Theme: Phantom Owl

Hello guys! I have created a new theme called Phantom Owl. You might be wondering, is this theme even good? Well I can assure you, this theme is amazing! Especially if you love dark themes. Here’s a picture of the theme:

Cool right? If you want it install this theme for yourself, the link is here:

If you have suggestions or want to add something to this theme, comment down below and i’ll see what I can do!


Nice. I suggest changing the operator color, as it’s a bit hard to read:


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Hello Qwerty! Thanks for your suggestion. I will change the operator color and I’ll get back to you when I finish.


Hello Everyone! Per @QwertyQwerty88’s Request, I have changed the operator color to a brighter color!

As Always, If you don’t like something about the theme, reach out to me and I will get it done!