New Tags for more Specific things!

Since the release of Replit-AI and the ModelFarm, and lots of people who will be posting ReplitAI-ware; I think we should have more tags/optional-tags or maybe even more categories.

Maybe even a few custom tags that you can add like hashtags??

Personally, I would like a few tags for Replit-AI’s and maybe even for Recoding software/modules!

Also, there should be Language Tags!
(Along with a way to suggest new Language Tags)


There are language subcategories.
Btw, what is Replit-AI? Is it a project?

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Replit-AIWrappers are for the ModelFarm web API and allows access to Code, chat, and text embedding AI’s produced by Google.

There are the two Bison models, and Gecko.
There are a few in different languages, like PY and TS/JS.

You can find them at the official Replit Github!

I am also making a unofficial wrapper in Oak if you are interested!
Hope this helps!


We Should Have Some More Specific Categories on Replit Ask, Such as Flask

That’s a post I made similar to this.


Lets start a list of tags we need to make.

Please edit this post with ideas

Top level Tags Notes
replit-deployments #replit-deticatedVM-deployments
#replit-modelFarm (I dont think replit-ai is the best since I think this should be different than ghostwriter)
#replit-software #replit-modules
#database #replit-database
Python #flask
HTML/CSS/JS #p5.js
Showcase #repl
One required

@Spcfork whats shareware I never head of it.

As for #replit-tips we have resource


Freeware is probably a way better choice, but software is well known.
Shareware is software with limits… lol.

It would probably make more sense.

@not-ethan When will these changes be pushed to the site?

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Once no new ideas or anything have been made or discussed for a few days


@RedCoder IMO I think it should just be one tag than the context can be determined by the cat/other tags (ex: resource)


In about a day 2023-09-19T21:00:00Z I am going to start making these


Missed this. @RedCoder is that meant to be a tag or a new sub cat?

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I’d assume sub-cat from the way it’s formatted.

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@not-ethan @Firepup650 A new sub category.

Than this isnt the topic for it. This is for tags. New cats and sub cats require a new topic


#replit-misc, #replit-desktop, #replit-modelFarm and #replit-software are not tags. Maybe expand this to “New Categories and Tags for Replit Ask”?

Those are tags (I made most of those).

Tags us mods are allowed to make without Replit staff approval. Categories us mods cant make so Replit staff need to be involved. And we have a lot of stuff that is a lot more important than this.

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@not-ethan Okay. Understood. :slight_smile:

Isn’t this making a new category, though?