New small window when rerun a program after editing

Can anyone tell me why my replit always makes a new section in the console when i rerun the program after editing. It does not edit the previous output, instead it makes a small new section

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Hi @abbasihashir789 , welcome to the forums!
That is the intended behaviour, to give you more information on the previous runs.
To delete them, you can just click the Trash icon next to the text Console.
Hope this helps!

On c++ i use system(“clear”)

That wouldn’t clear the history, only the current run. And OP is using Python.

idk works for me can you help me install emscripten on replit?

Just tried it and it doesn’t on my side. All the previous runs stay there.

Ok can i get your help on installing emscripten on replit

Please keep to your own topic.

It deletes them, but when i rerun it, the same behavior re occurs. I want it to end completely.

I’m afraid you cannot turn off the feature.

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alright then… thank you for the time tho


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In this video, look from 2:20-2:46. You’ll see that the person in the video is also using replit. However, he is not facing the issue im facing.

Yes, that was the Console before the update.


Thank you then!!!

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