New School Year, New Office Hours!

The new school year is in sight, and our office hours are changing! We’re now running some learner focused hours, and Educator focused office hours are shifting a little:

Home Work Hotline: 2022-08-17T21:30:00Z
EDU Help: 2022-08-09T21:30:00Z

Please do share!

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How would this work exactly? Since some teachers/schools don’t care if you get HELP with homework and NOT the ANSWER. But other teachers and schools have very strict academic integrity policies when it comes to getting help. For example, if you even give the final answer to a math problem and non of the work can be considered cheating unless it’s from the teacher. So how you will you determine if the student’s school/teaches is ok with help or if the student will get in trouble if they get help? We don’t want Replit being blamed for students cheating.

The focus is predominantly on new-coders. I’ll be helping unstick people and set them up for the next part of their learning, we will not be giving outright answers or complete solutions to questions. Don’t forget - I am a teacher - so they will be run as if it was a teacher supporting a student with a question.
Great question though: Academic integrity is HUGELY important!


We need an “academic integrity” Replit backdrop for your Homework Helpline!

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