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FYI, this doesn’t seem to be the format


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Oh, that actually makes more sense that you don’t get vanity URLs. It’s kinda like previewing a deployment in Netlify before actually…“doing” it, I guess?

Where’s that screenshot from btw?


Tried to open my Flask app in a new tab, got that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So they’re already getting it into motion, huh?

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Worked when I forked your Repl, too.

OoOoOoOoOoOoh, fancy!

Seems to happen with any Flask or Express server, but not Static pages. :thinking:

(I also don’t understand the random name thing that resembles a username. Why do they need one if there’s already all of…that other stuff?)


My static personal website.

SADDD!! Happens when I create a new Repl, just not my current ones.

My old dynamic/server-side Repls are still working though!!! :face_holding_back_tears:

(plz don’t tell Replit)

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Well, yeah, it’s not January first yet.

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Well if they were waiting until then, then they wouldn’t have touched anything yet, right?

I mean, as long as my latest project will stay up until December 27, I’m probably good.

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I thought we had 13 days… :sob:

We do. links still work.

Yeah I guess. Oh, I just tried using format on the static Repl I made earlier, and it DOES work:


Plus, since they’ve already set it in motion, it’s almost like we don’t. Which, I get it that they can’t make the changes on New Year’s Day, 12:00 AM, precisely as they said, all at once, but still. I mean, just a little closer to the deadline, Replit? :slight_smile:



Maybe that’s actually how they’ll work now? :open_mouth:

@QwertyQwerty88 Like, that the static page works all the time even though you’re not in the editor.

Oh I didn’t think about that. Yeah I’m not in the editor right now. Maybe a bug?

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sshh don’t give the ops any ideas

Odd, I’m using it on a phone but I don’t get that url when going to I see the actual url and the website seems to be working, buuuut:
After login:


Well yeah it’s not going to automatically redirect?

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How come @boston2029 got the ip url then?
As In the string of numbers and letters, and got the not running page?