New Repl doesn't run

Hi, I’m learning in Replit for a while and now, when I load ‘boiler-plate-medical-data-visualizar’ and push the “Run” button, modules actualization doesn’t finish well and can’t work with the exercise. Surely I’ve made a mistake in the first load cause I’ve repeated such load with different parameters and nothing works.
Would you help me with this?

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Hi @juanfrb, welcome to the community!

Sometimes Replit doesn’t always detect module dependencies to install automatically.

Fortunately, you can run the command “pip install XYZ” (where XYZ is the module you need) from the Shell inside your Repl, to install any missing dependencies.

Hope this helps!


After install ‘pandas’ and ‘seaborn’ all works fine!
Thanks robsd!!


Awesome, glad to hear it!

You should make @robsd’s post as the solution as it fixed your problem :slight_smile:


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