New reaction ideas

then don’t like the post???

Just an idea. I’m aware that’s what y’all use (I use it too) but somethings don’t merit a :heart: regardless, but you still want to acknowledge them.

Is :cry: or :sob: better?

  • :cry:
  • :sob:

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What if they just make every emoji a reaction?

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It is in the chats. However, all chat features are disbled for most users.

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@jesse voted for sobbing!

Staff count as 20 people

Staff count 25 people

I am but one man. Equal to all.


So how many people are you?

Good Question

very good

He is “equal to all”, so all of them I guess, lol.

Kinda makes sense if you put it the other way

We all get excited when staff participates, especially in things like this that aren’t 100% necessary.

I heavily agree with this one! Others might be considered negative :confused:

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Added angry, and also fixed some capitalization inconsistency.

I think we should have both.

Perhaps. The fewer we request, the more likely we are to get them.

I can’t believe we aren’t using my topic :sob: versus, I can’t believe we aren’t using my topic :cry:

the latter is less impactful, yet can still be useful for less serious situations.

I responded to your topic. However, like Qwerty, I forgot it existed. This one’s better as it has more support and more proposed reactions.

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