New reaction ideas

Reaction Explanation Added
:thinking: Sometimes people just say non-coherent sentences ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also, this can be used if you recognize a problem but are puzzled by it like OP. The closest thing we have to this is :open_mouth:. No, but :person_shrugging: and :question: were added
:-1: Sometimes people say things that I just entirely disagree with, and I want to tell them that I disagree but in a nice way. No
:cry: Some posts just need a sad reaction. No
:wave: For welcoming new users. No
:tada: This would be a better replacement for :confetti_ball:. Yes! :confetti_ball: was replaced by this.
:question: For when you don’t understand a post. Yes
:person_facepalming: Self explanatory No

Gonna make this a wiki so people can add more ideas. Please make sure they’re actually… y’know, useful… don’t add random stuff like :snowflake: or this


I already made a topic on this lol.

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oh lol I totally forgot about that…

50/50 on this one since it looks like a frown to me.

This is the internet… Most people will use it in a nice way but the ones that don’t I think would ruin it for everybody else


This is true of basically everything on the internet tbh.

True, but what else could be used in place of this?


Yeah, :thinking: seems better

Well what do you suggest instead? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:?

I like it

I reply saying why you don’t like it. Well maintaining respect


Can I make the list a markdown table so it’s neater?


Done, feel free to revert if needed

Wouldn’t that be “exciting” information?

Probably, but exiting information didn’t seem to make much sense and I didn’t think of that.

It was exciting. Why would I party because something exists?

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why party because something exits?

Guys… Stop adding random stuff

@9pfs1 when are we ever going to use a snow reaction?

@GiggaPoggers (I think it was you) we already have :confetti_ball:, we don’t really need :partying_face: imo

Also, who put :eyes:??? Why would we need that?

:confetti_ball: looks like a “broken heart” emoji imho

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github has :eyes: , and it seems useful.

Can you name one time that should be used over :heart:?

When you run out of :heart:.

When someone suggests something that you don’t like, but you want to acknowledge their message.

See the reaction I put on there. That’s what I (and other people) use as temporary thing.