New Python Project Bug

Problem description

When I create a new Python project, it turns it into a Flask application with a basic Flask template

Expected behavior

The code should be empty/blank

Actual behavior

Flask template code

Steps to reproduce

Create a new blank Python project




Mac OS

Device if mobile



Free tier


This happens for me and my friend, too.

Sure enough. That is weird.

Indeed a bug.

Same, did happen without me asking if i wanted the Server template

I noticed this change recently.
It is very probably intended as replit really wants to push their deployments (text and console repls make them no money).
Unfortunate that they don’t care enough about other applications, and think that the official, main python template is a great place to put some deployment code instead of just leaving it blank and having a separate template. (IIRC though, there used to be pre-installed data science libraries in the official python template, such as numpy.)

You’ll have to delete the code and uninstall flask with poetry remove flask in the Shell.

I suggest making a feature request for this.


Hello! I guess when you create a new Python project, it defaults to a file that includes Flask template code. To maybe fix this and make the file empty, you can simply clear the content of the file. Open the file that includes the flask template code ( or Remove all the existing code in the file, so the file is empty.

After clearing the contents of the file, it should probably be blank and not include any Flask template code. If it works or doesn’t reply me!


We changed the Python Template to have this Flask example in there about 5 months ago. We did this because we felt it gives people a better understanding of the capabilities of Replit (both Workspace and Deployments) for their first time using it, and it is relatively easy to remove if you don’t need to make a web app.

Are people here starting projects via templates often enough that removing the Flask code is a big problem?


IMO, it seems redundant when you still have the Python with flask template, and I don’t believe most python Replit projects use flask, though I could be wrong.

Additionally, the template now causes issues if you add replit to it, as the installed flask and flask required by replit are different.


There is already a way to bring up a Flask example, from the “Start with a code example” option that is present when the file is empty. (It can be made more visible, but not disruptive, if that would give more understanding.) And there is also a Flask template.

The best way to show the capabilities of replit is not in the official, main python template, but in a separate tutorial that can better show more details, without inconveniencing existing users or anyone who wants to use python.

I think most people who use the python template do not use Flask. Many people come to replit after watching a simple python tutorial, little programming experience. I don’t think that a ton of people who just start with python are keen to jump into web development… that is more common for JS. Python is more common for education and the basics of programming.

With how many people use python, or are learning programming, the time waste and inconvenience is not insignificant.

Using the python template was basically the only way to get a blank python repl. Now there is not really a way to do that, for learning or other purposes. Now it starts out with a pre-installed package, web development configuration, and web development example code.

And as Firepup said, the current replit package is incompatible with the flask version.
The pre-installed flask takes ~4 MiB per repl I believe. (It might add up after a while for all the new projects created.)


It didn’t happen 5 months ago, it happened within the past week or so. It was fine from the first week of January up until the change happened a week ago.

It seemed like a bug because the Python template never included any code or big installs, just a blank template. The Flask template usually has all the basic code to start. Why have both if they are both the same?

The reason I made the post was that my students create a new Python project every class for notes and since the change they keep getting confused about what the template code is.

In my opinion, there are better ways of showing what Replit can do than having a misleading template and unneccessary installs to a supposedly blank Python project.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ve made the Python template be blank again.


Thank you! Perhaps there could be a quick pop up with a list of different features when you sign up for replit? or every time or every few times you create a Python Repl a pop up comes up with different templates someone can click on like Flask or something else to learn more information? Its not uncommon for websites to have pop ups, and then you can click to turn off the reminder so that it doesn’t pop up every time. That might be a good solution?


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