New Project, Opinions?

So I was made a new HTML and CSS project, this one is an AntiBordem Button, basically what you do is click a button, and it would take you to a random page with something to do. I will keep on adding more things to do (currently it has 5), but I would love to hear peoples feed-back so far!

I uhh… lost? Mr. Cool doesn’t seem cool.

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Don’t tell Mr Cool that

Pretty cool even if it is a little bit basic. Nice CSS though, I do have to suggest adding dark theme tho…


I have clicked the button multiple times and have only gotten the calculator and the grade generator.

@doxr maybe it knows I’ve been taking tests at school lately :rofl: .

Lol it’s tracking you it knows what you’re doing.


Are you using the return home buttons or just the arrow buttons at the top of your display?

If you enter letters, then the calculator will break, maybe set the input type to numbers.

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Ohhh. I am using the back arrows not the return home. Thank you.

It’s fine to use the arrows, just make sure you refresh before hitting the ‘Click Me!’ button