New pricing calculations help

Hello everyone! Could anyone help me calculate how much my ‘portfolio’ would cost with the new hosting changes? Feeling somewhat lost with autoscale, static deployments, cycles charges, dedicated VMs on top of the subscription.

I already pay for Hacker. (~£6/mo in UK). I’m shocked that a single dedicated VM at the lowest end and 24/7 uptime will cost 10x more than what I’m paying now for all my projects.

Here’s what I’m working with

  • Regularly use the 2vCPU Hacker limit in the editor - often do image processing and compilation of assets.
  • I have two always-on Discord bots as well as 3/4 other ones which I run for family and friends that I (regrettably) use a pinger for - looking to make this more stable.
  • These bots also do a few image processing commands and generation which take a while because it hits the CPU limit, so I’d like to raise this but not a big deal if it costs a ton

Webserver stuff:

  • 4 different API backends, two using Python/Flask, two using Node.js
  • Requests/day range from ~100k on the most used one to ~500 for test ones
  • Total requests/day average is ~220k
  • Bandwidth is around 550MB/day ATM but is growing steadily.
  • Python ingress logging server for web and desktop applications - not 24/7 hosted but would be preferrable

Asset hosting:

  • Static asset hosting on ~3 Repls which use a few hundred MB/s per day each already
  • Uncached by Cloudflare in total reaches ~10-20GB/day.
  • Not an issue if this will cost a lot, I’ll just migrate to AWS S3 or Cloudflare R2

I’m expecting usage to increase gradually over the next year, maybe up to 5x by a years’ time.

Also, with Deployments, I’m assuming I’ll be able to migrate my custom domains and proxy these through Cloudflare’s CDN and have dynamic file reads & writes too - unless I’m missing something? If not, burn through the egress allowance in days.

By my calculations, I’ll need to cough up at least £300 per month, just for the things I’ve already done, not even showcasing my current skillset, or the skills I’m learning. As a student I simply do not have this money, even if I was to work overtime every day.

Surely my (tired) self is making a mistake making these calculations?

  • Database: Cloudflare R2 or Mongodb, cheap and great
  • Yes, you calculated right. Use a cloud hosting platform that fits your needs (DO, AWS, GCP)
  • Dockerize your stuff & use nginx in a cheap VM if you don’t get many requests, get a dedicated machine for the most used ones.
  • Bandwith is $0.01/GB for DO, $0.08 for GCP, and $0 on Cloudflare (use Pages for your static stuff, their CDN too)

Do your research!

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