New Package (extrapy)

I made a package! Have you ever wanted functions in that took time and you didn’t want to code it? Well I made a package for it! In your Python file type import extrapy if you want to make it easier type import extrapy as e. Then go to the shell and type pip install extrapy. It adds clear(), br(), write(). clear() clears the whole console. br() it makes a line break (the parenthesis have the number of line breaks). write() gives you a type writer effect, write your text in it like a print statement. Now you can unlock easiness. If you want leave a comment of stuff I can add, or a function you like (you can even leave the code for it). Have a great day :grinning:!


Although random tool kits like these are great first packages, they don’t really add anything extremely useful, and people usually just write the tools themselves instead . I recommend getting an idea, like an api wrapper, and making a properly structured and very useful package.

I’ve looked it up and don’t really understand what an API Wrapper does exactly.

Handles communication between the API and the client, and structures the data. For example, if you had a REST API, with this route:

GET /api/user/bob

Your API wrapper would have a client to handle the request, with client.getUser("bob") it will make that request for you. It would also not return the json, but a class with utility functions and type annotations for the api endpoint:

class User:
    name: str
    age: int
   def __init__(self, ...):
   def otherUtil(self, ...):
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