New ideas for replit

add geforce rendering support(anything similear )and external device support dolphin file transfer homemade server conection recent and old types allow(like making a kit so you can use an atenna to connect to like a tv, robot ,ai, ) vr support like vr games can be connect to replit servers a lua versionfor roblox coding easier extenstion creation like google extenstions th ablitly to code with vr like you haptic feedback text support for ask.replit more sever support with 3d making a javascript version with mincraft support an offical version support chrombook a(n) replit extenstion for chrome an widows tablet support for joytab 2 phones and more allow the abblitle to add connect to device like lights to make a projection on a wall just incase using ther device flashlight or computer light more stuff you can do with cycles like more uses othert than the current ones preventing the loss of code a proxy made by replit. the ablittle to tranfer files like game files and have them back in a non zipped form and better file proccesing better code formating and anything else you have in your mind

You’re asking a lot for a simple online ide company…

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