New Idea, mentoring

The idea would be that people could offer their support in return for cycles to other coders as a mentor of sorts, helping teach the basics or a specific topic.

I feel this would help solve two problems. The first would be that it would allow young programmers (students) to gain cycles without having to deal with bounties. While bounties are great, new programmers struggle to compete to experienced programmers. The second problem it would solve is that it would provide a better way to learn a new language, as you would have a mentor who could help you learn the basics.

I came up with this idea when looking for bounties of a low skill requirement, and I noticed that their were none, meaning that getting cycles as a relatively unexperienced programmer is hard. Thought that a mentor system would allow those experienced in the basics (such as college students) to help people trying to learn a language, while granting them cycles to use on their own projects. (It would mean the person paying would be able to request what they learn.)


People can post bounties for help or learning a new skill though


It would be a separate tab, as searching through the bounty menu for these kind of bounties is both time consuming and the bounty scene feels dominated by more experienced bounty hunters. This is in truth just an idea to have a separate tab for bounties regarding requests for help.

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And this would likly be dominated by experienced bounty hunters as well. And I requested a feature to make it easer to find bounties Add searchable tags to bounties


@Banesr18 Great idea! If someone is requesting help, a tutorial can be made instead of direct 1-to-1 help. I have made a few, and you could also gain Cycles through this if someone tips the tutorial repl.

I also made a request to make finding Bounties easier:


This feature request is almost a request to partially merge with (add the Ask Code Help section to a new tab on Replit).


Very true. Bounties don’t fit in, but helping people here don’t give you Cycles. Kinda like Bounties + Code Help .


That has been suggested multiple times but nothing has ever come of it. TL4+ gets full mod perks though (including free Pro) but I think it’d be nice for TL3 at least to get some cycles or something.