New DOTNET repls

Hi all,

I found out that there had been some progress in DOTNET support, which means that the C# language is no longer available and that there is a new “.NET programming language”, even though it functionally seems to be quite the same with the exception of config files added (I thought maybe VB was added as well but it’s not that case).

Is there a news summary anywhere? Does this bring new language/.NET core versions? Is it possible and/or necessary to upgrade my current repls? Is there a mass upgrade method?

And, maybe … hopefully … does this mean that unit testing for C# will come out soon?



Hi Jan!

We have completely transitions to dotnet core 5. That means any CLR language should be completely compatible with Replit (including ASP.NET, F#, VB, C++).

I would be happy to help you setup a series of dotnet templates with/for you!

Just let me know what environments you are interested in supportin!


Hi Jan,

It is VERY easy to create templates that allow for F#, VB, or any other .NET derivative CLR langugage:

We are currently working on migrating all Repls to dotent C#, but the only way to migrate at this very moment is to create a new Repl.


We also support Nuget in the IDE packages menu!

Edit .replit:

run = "dotnet run"

language = "dotnet"

packageSearch = true

Because we have Nuget support, we can feasible configure xUnit or any other test harness.

Is there a particular harness or framework you are most familiar?

I can work on official support in September.

Follow-up tasks for Derrick:

  • Provide bulk upgrade path for existing C# repls
  • Make all dotnet derivates official Replit languages
  • Use Nuget to bootstrap xUnit tests
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Thank you for the info Derrick, full DOTNET support & NuGet in packager is great news, I think I can find my ways around.

As to the unit testing for autograder - I had some short previous experience with NUnit and MSTest, but I believe I (or anyone trying to set them up) will easily learn any of them, especially if there will be a few configuration examples. Although, according to some online comparisons I found, the NUnit might be a preferable choice because of the [TestFixtureSetup].


I am investigating ways of incorporating NUnit into our system. No solid deadline as it may or may not take a while to integrate.


Any progress here? Please don’t take that as pressure, I am just curious…

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